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作者: kawaiis2    時間: 2009-12-29 07:49     標題: english forum

is there a english forum that is official fan club to linda chung, cuz sometime i can't read da chinese here!
作者: Rayda88    時間: 2009-12-29 08:06

lol i have same prob... i think everything should be translated into eng aswell!
作者: yuetwah    時間: 2009-12-29 08:29

Is one of the english forum?
作者: htkcna    時間: 2009-12-29 12:10

原帖由 Hkprincess15 於 2009-12-29 10:25 發表 is the official english forum
yep.. Linda Cottage is the official one~
作者: kawaiis2    時間: 2009-12-30 00:18

yes, i know that, but things aren't as update as dis's slow =P ==

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