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標題: Moved to the new server [打印本頁]

作者: thepretorian    時間: 2011-4-17 10:22     標題: Moved to the new server

Garden has been moved to the new server, if you encounter any problems after the move, please report it.
If you are unable to access the site, try to FLUSH your DNS or wait a couple hours until the DNS servers you are using is updated with the new IP informations.

There was about 10min of downtime during this move.
作者: Foreverlinda    時間: 2011-4-17 15:06

oh.. i cant come in garden just now ...
作者: 李嘉欣    時間: 2011-4-17 16:03

im lost? new server?
作者: tung0609    時間: 2011-4-17 19:36

Oh!!!support Garden!!support Linda!!!~~~
作者: Wiselylc    時間: 2011-4-17 20:10

sounds good..
作者: thepretorian    時間: 2011-4-17 21:10

The old server was running for more than 2 years now. So it was  time to upgrade to a more powerful one as the sites were outgrowing the server resources.
作者: tomato    時間: 2011-4-17 22:12

thankz for the hard work bro =)
作者: miranda    時間: 2011-4-17 22:33

thankyou so much:)
nothing wrong until now:D
作者: Lester    時間: 2011-4-17 22:33

作者: thepretorian    時間: 2011-4-17 23:18

The server speed has increase significant. But as for the download speed, it should be the same or a bit better. The new server is still located at the same datacenter. You can run some download tests if you want. Garden has been shutdown on the old server.

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