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標題: How to Navigate Around for English Users [打印本頁]

作者: Hannah    時間: 2011-5-16 15:07     標題: How to Navigate Around for English Users

With the influx of English user fans, I've came out with a tutorial to aid those who are unable to read Chinese to better navigate around this forum.

Let's first begin with learning how to register for an account here.

Next, let's understand how do one open a new topic to post content such as photos and videos

How to reply a post

Certain exclusive contents would reqire fans to pay in order to view them.
Now, this is how you pay using forum coins to view them.

作者: alvinau114    時間: 2011-5-16 15:13

Hannah very 细心  =) !! They are so lucky !   Ur using window vista !

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作者: Linda乂絕愛    時間: 2011-5-16 16:21

作者: linda8lover    時間: 2011-5-16 16:31

真细心的Hannah =)
作者: Ching    時間: 2011-5-16 16:35

Nice, there are english navigation but I am Chinese ^^
相戀像遊世界 日子多飛快
作者: Bonnie    時間: 2011-5-16 16:41

作者: cheng    時間: 2011-5-16 17:38

作者: huimin96    時間: 2011-5-16 17:52

好仔細~Thank you
作者: thepretorian    時間: 2011-5-16 17:52

Hannah, you do know that need to register first before they can see this topic? So I don't think that there is a point posting this since they aren't able to see it...
作者: Hannah    時間: 2011-5-16 18:07     標題: 回復 12# thepretorian 的帖子

If u were to read this post clear enough, it teaches users how to navigate all around. Some people are able to register (it isn't that difficult) but they may not know how to go about posting and such. So I dun see why this shouldn't be up

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作者: r012457    時間: 2011-5-16 18:11

作者: Wiselylc    時間: 2011-5-16 19:50

very useful sharing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

作者: Hannah    時間: 2011-5-16 20:52     標題: 回復 16# wtfunk 的帖子

而家D中文post係得新聞同雜誌。新聞我地以後會post英文上黎。雜誌就無解啦。不過D fans仲可以睇相睇片啊!
作者: Rollypokky    時間: 2011-5-17 18:08     標題: 回復 13# Hannah 的帖子

CAN'T AGREE MORE HANNAH!! Had a hard time navigating around even signing up at first cause I wasn't used to all the chinese. This must have been super time consuming but THANKS SO MUCH IT'S WONDERFUL :D
作者: yannn:)    時間: 2011-5-19 10:44

oh that's great....
i know that many english speaker fans rather go onto linda cottage becus of the language.
作者: celine    時間: 2011-5-21 00:17

owh, thanks for the guide Hannah! now is easier for me to understand how to comment a post.... ^^
作者: huimin96    時間: 2011-5-29 07:57

btw how to make a chargeable post?
作者: ffcy2003    時間: 2011-5-29 11:42

Thanks a lot Hannah! It helped me a lot during my registration last week in this forum.. I don't need to use google translate to translate sentences by sentences and to do it by trial and erroe method. Really appreciate your effort in aiding us who don't know how to read Chinese but would like to be in this official fan club. :)
作者: Hannah    時間: 2011-6-2 21:22     標題: 回復 24# huimin96 的帖子

only moderators are able to charge a post.
作者: Hannah    時間: 2011-6-3 10:19     標題: 回復 29# b0bble 的帖子

nope there's no minimum unless the person who set the topic have pre-requisites but that's hardly an issue
作者: huimin96    時間: 2011-6-3 19:52     標題: 回復 28# Hannah 的帖子

alright. Thanks for your info
作者: Natalie_Linda    時間: 2011-6-6 17:19

Thanks for your info^^ really usefull to those who doesn't know chinese xD
作者: baoyouzhu    時間: 2011-7-11 13:54     標題: 求助!

作者: HiuNamSit    時間: 2011-7-28 16:51

那不如製一個英文版吧! 但我不懂,,,
作者: Linda_fans    時間: 2011-8-3 10:00

作者: nana    時間: 2011-8-22 13:24


作者: 淑敏    時間: 2011-10-14 14:38

作者: HiuNamSit    時間: 2011-11-7 17:19

好有心! 不過如果有人識又得閒,整個英文版都唔錯
作者: 鍾嘉欣迷520    時間: 2011-11-7 18:08

作者: Angel_saw    時間: 2011-11-21 17:37

Hannah~~你好细心!!❤ 谢谢你!!!
作者: purpleyin96    時間: 2012-7-7 16:04

Well done hannah!
Nice tutorial for beginners =D
作者: 李詩敏    時間: 2012-7-11 20:33

作者: One_elle    時間: 2012-7-21 17:00

多謝為了幫助我們中文吾系甘好的讀英文大的粉絲。我有個提議。不如Linda 個網站可以選擇中文同英文方便大家使用。Admin please make it possible. (管理員請讓它發生.) 好多打英文的粉絲要上Facebook評論因為里道吾方便,但係里道系Linda Chung official fan page where we can vote for her when TVB awards her.
作者: Winnie1125    時間: 2012-7-25 01:20

hello!sorry im quite new here!
may i know how to increase 金錢? i wud like to view the video but it needs payment?
作者: lcf    時間: 2012-7-25 07:38

原帖由 Winnie1125 於 2012-7-25 05:20 發表
hello!sorry im quite new here!
may i know how to increase 金錢? i wud like to view the video but it needs payment?
The simplest way is to make more posts! Every post you make earns you money. But do read the forum rules about what not to do!
作者: Winnie1125    時間: 2012-7-25 19:29

i seee!thank you so muchhh!:)
作者: JK2804    時間: 2012-11-11 00:00

Oh i just found this, it's very thoughtful! But i do understand a little chinese too (-:
作者: chengchisum    時間: 2013-1-8 03:05

作者: Linlin    時間: 2013-1-17 20:41     標題: Fans

How to do fans ?? I want to go to linda show to do fans
作者: lcf    時間: 2013-1-18 08:39

原帖由 Linlin 於 2013-1-18 00:41 發表
How to do fans ?? I want to go to linda show to do fans
Huh? What do you mean? Sounds dodgy haha
作者: Didar    時間: 2013-3-27 09:30

I just want to thank Hannah for taking the time to make this so us English only fans can go thru this forum easier!!! I finally can come in here after many years of trying!!! I'm so glad I can be part of linda garden now. Thanks!!! Love u all!

I'm from Canada and how to put a pic on my profile?? I'll try to figure it out from google translate. So jealous so many of u have a pic with linda as a profile pic!!! So lucky!
作者: AngelTong    時間: 2014-3-24 20:21

so patient!
作者: charmainexd    時間: 2014-9-27 07:58

Thanks it's help a lot. Finally can be part of linda fan club. My chinese sucks now I can know more about linda by checking on this forums. Thanks a lot :)
作者: Ranirani    時間: 2015-5-3 06:52

作者: michael151722    時間: 2015-11-25 21:50

very useful
作者: azying0900    時間: 2019-11-9 09:46

Wow, thanks a lot!
作者: azying0900    時間: 2019-11-9 10:04

What’s Linda cottage btw?

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