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標題: PM problem [打印本頁]

作者: WindCJ    時間: 2012-3-7 10:32     標題: PM problem

I wanted to send personal message but it showed me: "Directory './forumdata/templates/' not found or have no access!" after I click the 短消息
May I know what is the problem??
Did that just happen to me??
Hope 管理員 can help me find the solution.
作者: BoBo    時間: 2012-3-7 13:53     標題: 回復 1# WindCJ 的帖子

noted...we will try to look into the problem, thanx!
作者: HiuNamSit    時間: 2012-3-7 14:14

Add oil ;))
作者: dy1998    時間: 2012-3-7 17:07

i'm fine:) 之前唔得 而家得:D
作者: WindCJ    時間: 2012-3-7 17:21     標題: 回復 2# BoBo 的帖子

Oh alright. Thank you, bobo=)
作者: WindCJ    時間: 2012-3-7 17:22     標題: 回復 4# dy1998 的帖子

I still can't send PM now=(
作者: 鍾嘉欣迷520    時間: 2012-3-7 17:42

i have no problem....
作者: Linda_fans    時間: 2012-3-7 19:39

I got no problem ...
作者: 淑敏    時間: 2012-3-7 20:39

我之前就真够惨的~完全上不到嘉欣花园~现在终于上到了 感谢感谢
作者: YoyoWong    時間: 2012-3-7 21:38

作者: thepretorian    時間: 2012-3-8 05:46

im working on it... at least you're now able to access it, though the template is totally messed up... sigh.
作者: thepretorian    時間: 2012-3-8 08:02

OK PM system works again after messing with it for 5 hours, though template/layout is a bit messed up, not in consistency with the other tabs, but its better than nothing.
Some files are corrupted, all related to the first login issues Garden had.

Again, if you find any errors or problem, just report. Though don't have that much time the coming days, so bear with me.
作者: thepretorian    時間: 2012-3-8 08:17

UGH, im gonna explode soon! Categories is showing an error again...
Shall be for tomorrow sigh....

never mind, removed one line of code in the source and it did the trick.... sigh
作者: WindCJ    時間: 2012-3-8 11:31     標題: 回復 13# thepretorian 的帖子

Chill!! Relax!!
Do it slowly when you have free time, I believe you can solve the problem.
Just take it easy, don't give yourself too much of pressure.
And also thanks for the help but as you said, some errors still occurred.
It shown, μuRoR§ | member¤¤¤s | | °h¥X and μo°eμuRoR§|¬¥o½c[0]‾o½Z½c¤wμo°e·j‾AμuRoR§¾E¥XμuRoR§c¿2¤|Cai instead of inbox, outbox or draft.
What do you mean by removed one line of code in the source??
作者: thepretorian    時間: 2012-3-8 15:20

Can you check what encoding set you are using on that page, make sure it uses big5 . I don't see any weird characters at my end.
作者: WindCJ    時間: 2012-3-8 15:35     標題: 回復 15# thepretorian 的帖子

Oh ya, it wasn't using big5 on that page just now.
I have changed it to big5 and it has no more problem now.
Thank you so much for the help
作者: lcf    時間: 2012-3-8 23:18     標題: 回復 15# thepretorian 的帖子

I don't know if it's just me, but it looks like there is a minor problem:

If I go to a page with a list of threads, e.g. this one:
At the top of the page under the banner, rather than the usual "退出" "短消息" etc., I'm getting weird characters like "嚙篁嚙碼" "嚙線嚙踝蕭" etc. In fact these characters appear in places elsewhere on the same page. My character encoding is set to Big5.
Also, this issue does not happen on the main forum page, nor on any actual page with posts within a thread (like the one you're reading now).

Just thought I'd report this issue so that you can have a look at it if you have time.
作者: WindCJ    時間: 2012-3-8 23:54     標題: 回復 17# lcf 的帖子

Oh ya, it happens to me too.
I guess everybody is also having the same problem.
作者: thepretorian    時間: 2012-3-10 19:38

I'll try to take a look at it this weekend. I'm afraid because the last "crash" the encodings are messed up in the codes. Sigh...

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